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A Holistic Approach to Spinal Healing

Experience the compassion and care delivered by Dr. Chetan Patel and his team at The Spine Health Institute through the patient testimonials listed below. If you’d like to tell of your experiences with us, please share your story.

Robert's Story

Occasional back pain is a normal part of aging, especially if you’re physically active. But knowing when to see a doctor for your aching back is vital for your wellbeing (we’ve even made a video about it).
Like many of our patients, Robert lived with his back pain for years before he sought help from a specialist. Unfortunately, what started out as moderate discomfort got progressively worse – so much worse that it began to put his life in danger.

Tamara's Story

It seems like everyone needs help sleeping – we can’t turn on the TV or read a magazine without seeing the latest pillow, mattress or temperature-controlled blanket that is “guaranteed” to help you get a good night’s rest. This is because sleep plays a vital role in helping your body regenerate, heal and relieve stress, especially if you have chronic pain.

Sumin’s Story

Five years is a long time to carry around a seat cushion – but that’s just what Sumin used to have to do if she wanted to sit down anywhere for more than a few minutes. She was living with back and leg pain that made standing or sitting for even brief periods almost excruciating. And bending over to pick something up? Forget it.

Christy’s Story

Christy is always just a phone call away when fellow Florida Hospital employees need her – or rather, her computer expertise. As a management information systems analyst, Christy spends her time making sure computer services are up-to-date and working properly so employees can efficiently care for patients and complete their daily tasks. But when Christy developed severe back and leg pain, it was time for Florida Hospital employees to be there for her in her time of need.

Susan’s Story

There are approximately three million registered nurses in the United States, and their role is a vital one when it comes to your health care. They are a first line of defense in the prevention of avoidable illnesses, and they provide skilled and compassionate care for patients at every stage of the healing process. Susan is no stranger to the rewards and challenges of this worthy profession – in fact, she’s been a nurse for over 30 years. She’s also been suffering from back pain since her 20s due to the physical demands of her job.

Donna’s Story

If you look up the word “adventure” in the dictionary, Donna’s picture could easily appear right alongside the definition you find. In fact, it seemed like nothing ever scared her – she was active and always willing to take a risk to do something fun.

“I jump out of planes, skydive and horseback ride,” Donna says. “I do it all!”

To put it another way, things that send many of us running in the other direction would often be exactly what she was running toward – that is, until running was no longer an option for her.

Carol's Story

Determining the specific source of a patient’s back pain isn’t always easy, but it’s an essential step toward arriving at the most appropriate and effective treatment plan. As a physician who specializes in spine care, Dr. Chetan Patel has a wealth of experience in diagnosing and resolving complex spinal conditions that defy one-step solutions and for which patients may previously have sought treatment only to have their pain return over time.

Ricardo’s Laminectomy and Physical Therapy

Spinal conditions can sometimes take years to develop and begin causing symptoms, but it only takes a split second for that first jolt of pain to strike out of the blue. That’s what happened to Ricardo one February morning before work – he was making his regular cup of coffee when he suddenly experienced a shooting pain down his leg. His pain persisted throughout the day and continued to interfere with his performance while working at the Florida Hospital Altamonte warehouse.

Jim W’s Surgery

Jim has been running marathons non-stop for over 10 years, but his reason for running isn’t what you’d expect. He is one of the founders of Team in Training, a program he created after his son was diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer that affects the immune system, in 2001. The purpose of Team in Training is to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation by training individuals to run in a variety of marathons and fitness competitions all over the world.

Ellen’s Surgery

We’ve all heard the phrase, “leave a lasting impression,” but we tend to forget that a lasting impression isn’t always a positive one. This was the case for Ellen, who was experiencing severe back pain after receiving a spinal fusion in 2005. The staff at her doctor’s office wouldn’t listen to her when she told them how much pain she was feeling during recovery. This negative experience prevented her from seeking help when her back pain persisted and subsequently caused a radiating pain that ran down her leg.