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Back Talk (and News) You Can Stand For.

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3 Ways to Psychologically Prepare for Surgery

If you’re one of the millions of people living with chronic pain, then you know the significant effect it can have on your psychological health.

The Sixth Pillar of Creation Health: “I” is for Interpersonal Relationships

In each of our lives, there are people who make us feel happy and confident – and others who have the opposite effect, perhaps making us feel down in the dumps.

Tiger Woods is Back at it with Another Spine Surgery

Tiger Woods underwent yet another spine surgery last week to relieve chronic back spasms and sciatic pain in his legs.

Contemplating Surgery? Stay Informed with These 3 Tips

It’s rare that a person will live their entire life without having some sort of medical procedure, whether it be removing wisdom teeth or tonsils, or having an appendectomy or joint procedure.

Yoga and Low Back Pain: Dr. Patel Examines the Research

If you’re like millions of people in the world, then you probably suffer, or have suffered, from lower back pain (LBP) at some point.

To Stand or Not to Stand? Here’s Our Answer.

Standing desks have taken the workplace by storm with promises of weight loss, improved posture and better focus. But wait - while sitting for extended periods of time is proven to cause long-term