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Back to Basics Videos

We know that back pain can make even the most menial tasks seem impossible. Our hope for all patients struggling with back pain is that with time, treatment and a few new techniques, you can get back to the activities you love. To help you on your journey to spine health, our medical team created these videos demonstrating the most effective techniques for every day activities and chores.

Get Back to the Basics with these training videos and minimize your back pain! If you have questions about any of these techniques, please contact us.

Please consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program or practicing any of the techniques shown below.

Rest Easy in This Spine-Safe Position

Avoid Back Strain While Sleeping on Your Side

Are You a Stomach Sleeper?

Getting Dressed When You Have a Back Injury

Roll Into Bed the Right Way

Maintaining Your Balance While Standing Up

Sitting Comfortably With the Right Spine Support

Cook Your Dinner While Avoiding Back Pain

Learn Your Sink Stance

Lift Technique for Lighter Objects

Think Before You Lift

Cleaning Up Without Straining Your Back

Get Back in Your Car—Safely


A Quick Stretch for Your Lower Back

Loosen Your Back by Stretching Your Hamstrings

Strengthen Your Core and Spine With This Simple Exercise

Keep Your Spine Healthy With This Strengthening Exercise

Here's a Squat That's Safe for Your Back