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At Spine Health Institute, you’ll find a diverse selection of treatment options to effectively manage the various musculoskeletal conditions. These treatment options include those clinically proven to relieve and even eliminate pain and discomfort.

When it comes to problems of the neck, back and spine, you owe it to yourself to receive care from those possessing years of specialized education, knowledge and skill. At Spine Health Institute, you'll find a wealth of dedicated medical professionals, including surgeons, physicians, physical therapists, physiatrists, and pain specialists to tend to your individual needs.

Our Treatment Options


Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Team

We diagnose each patient on-site, removing any chances of your situation worsening by traveling to see a “specialist” that result in measurable outcomes. Learn More



At The Spine Health Institute, patients have direct access to a diverse group of musculoskeletal professionals. We offer both minimally invasive as well as non-invasive surgical options. There are treatments available to both adult and juvenile conditions. Learn More



Injections help provide immediate relief from discomfort and back pain. Injections are developed to achieve a variety of results including inflammation reduction, increasing spinal movement and reproducing initial discomfort. Learn More


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy enables the successful development, maintenance, and restoration of body movement and function with each program being specific to each client. Learn More


Complementary Medicine

An unconventional but effective system when paired with traditional medicine. Complementary Medicine treatments include leveraging a combination of homepathic, yoga, energy fields and aromatherapy practices. Learn More


Massage Therapy

Manipulation Therapy helps increase range of body motion along with encouraging stress relief and promoting overall body relaxation. Learn More


Wellness Program

Our Wellness Program encourages the healthy balance of mind, body and spirit. During the course, you will be educated on how to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regimen and a clean environment, among other things. Learn More