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Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Team

If you’re suffering from any type of neck or spinal condition, you need immediate improvement. Unfortunately, you’re typically handed off to “specialists” at locations far apart as your pain and discomfort worsens. But what if you could address your specific condition with a multidisciplinary diagnostic team?

At Spine Health Institute, our professionals are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat every type of musculoskeletal condition. As a result, our patients do not need to travel to distant medical offices over a long period of time. This enables our team to effectively and quickly discuss each patient’s specific symptoms and treatment options with direct access to the necessary medications, tools, and equipment.

Several studies illustrate that a multidisciplinary diagnostic team helps to ensure relief and elimination of pain for musculoskeletal conditions. No matter what your condition, a multidisciplinary diagnostic team often effectively demonstrates positive measurable outcomes. By placing our patients at the center of the medical effort, our multidisciplinary diagnostic team can identify specific neck and back pain treatment goals.

For additional information regarding Spine Health Institute multidisciplinary diagnostic team and treatment options, please call 407.303.5452.