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A Holistic Approach to Spinal Healing

Experience the compassion and care delivered by Dr. Chetan Patel and his team at The Spine Health Institute through the patient testimonials listed below. If you’d like to tell of your experiences with us, please share your story.

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Non-Surgical Treatment Testimonials

Mildred’s Story

It’s very important to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight to prevent back pain and injuries. Mildred was no stranger to this healthy lifestyle – she has always been an active person who loves the outdoors and enjoys pushing herself to try new things. But her adventurous way of life was put on hold when she fell off of her bike and injured her lower back, leaving her with tremendous pain and difficulty walking.

Fredricka’s Story

If your chances of being pain-free after surgery were only 50-50, would you take the risk? This is the scenario that Fredricka was faced with in 1999 after she was in an accident in her hometown of Palm Bay, FL. The accident left her with tremendous back pain, so she decided to seek help.

Helen’s Story

Surgery can be a stressful and – for some – perhaps a terrifying topic to discuss, even with one’s own doctor. This fear can cause patients to delay getting proper treatment, even if it means living with their pain for longer than necessary.

Carmen’s Story

Finding your passion is a life-changing experience, and dance is without a doubt Carmen’s calling. Though she likes to do a little bit of everything, Latin dance is hands-down her favorite to perform. Maybe it’s the sound of the music, the steps she’s been practicing for years, or just the positive energy she gets from everyone in the room – Carmen is always at her happiest when she’s moving to the beat.

Sheri’s Story

Sheri had her fair share of medical procedures to try and relieve her chronic arm pain, including two previous rotator cuff surgeries. But when the numbness and burning in her arm continued to affect her daily life, she knew that she had to look elsewhere for a solution. She came to the Spine Health Institute for an appointment with Dr. Brian Jager, a pain management specialist – and that was the beginning of her path toward greater health.

Felix's Story

Sitting for long periods of time day in and day out is not only bad for your heart and circulatory system – it can also do a painful number on your spine.Improper posture and consistently sitting in the same position causes the muscles around your spine to stiffen and pull, resulting in weak, sore muscles and pinched nerves.

Robert's Story

Occasional back pain is a normal part of aging, especially if you’re physically active. But knowing when to see a doctor for your aching back is vital for your wellbeing (we’ve even made a video about it).
Like many of our patients, Robert lived with his back pain for years before he sought help from a specialist. Unfortunately, what started out as moderate discomfort got progressively worse – so much worse that it began to put his life in danger.

Tamara's Story

It seems like everyone needs help sleeping – we can’t turn on the TV or read a magazine without seeing the latest pillow, mattress or temperature-controlled blanket that is “guaranteed” to help you get a good night’s rest. This is because sleep plays a vital role in helping your body regenerate, heal and relieve stress, especially if you have chronic pain.

Sumin’s Story

Five years is a long time to carry around a seat cushion – but that’s just what Sumin used to have to do if she wanted to sit down anywhere for more than a few minutes. She was living with back and leg pain that made standing or sitting for even brief periods almost excruciating. And bending over to pick something up? Forget it.