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Bill’s Minimally Invasive Fusion Surgery

With a passion for sports and exercise, Bill enjoyed bicycle racing, running and swimming throughout his life. His passion led him to start competing in triathlons, but after a bicycle accident during a race, Bill suffered a C-2 fracture in his spine. After discussing the risks and benefits of surgical and non-surgical treatment options with Dr. Patel at The Spine Health Institute, Bill and his family opted for a halo. While the halo afforded Bill the ability to be active, the vertebrae didn’t heal as hoped. With his family’s support, Bill underwent surgery to fuse his vertebrae together, allowing the fracture to heal. After the procedure, Bill was able to get up and walk around, even encouraging his fellow hospital patients to do the same. With Dr. Patel’s help, Bill and his wife are back to their normal exercise routines. Watch Bill’s Story.