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Carol's Story

Relishing Relief: How One Patient Got the Help She Needed from SHI’s Pain Management Specialists

Determining the specific source of a patient’s back pain isn’t always easy, but it’s an essential step toward arriving at the most appropriate and effective treatment plan. As a physician who specializes in spine care, Dr. Chetan Patel has a wealth of experience in diagnosing and resolving complex spinal conditions that defy one-step solutions and for which patients may previously have sought treatment only to have their pain return over time.  

Carol’s story offers an inspiring example of exactly this scenario, including the unsurpassed level of care that the Spine Health Institute provides for patients with chronic pain they thought might never subside. Read on for details.

A Legacy of Pain

Carol had received multiple epidural injections for chronic back pain over the past years, but none of those treatments had ever produced real and lasting relief. Instead, as time went on, her pain kept getting worse, to the point that it felt like excruciating lightning bolts were shooting from her back down to her thighs. Realizing it was time for a specialist, her primary care physician ultimately referred her to Dr. Chetan Patel at the Spine Health Institute in Altamonte Springs in hopes that the source of Carol’s pain could be identified along with the right treatment for it.

Isolating the Source

After reviewing Carol’s test results, Dr. Patel diagnosed her with spondylosis and determined that the source of her pain was in her facet joints, the wing-like bones on either side of the vertebra. He recommended initiating her treatment with conservative measures that might allow her to avoid invasive surgery – specifically, facet joint injections for pain relief. After so many disappointments, Carol wasn’t fully convinced that this treatment would provide the relief she sought, but trusted Dr. Patel and his experience.

Time for Treatment

On the day of her scheduled treatment, Carol was filled with nervous anticipation and more than a few doubts. But her anxiety began to lessen the minute she saw James, the radiology technician who would assist in her procedure. James walked her back to the procedure room, and he took the time to listen and speak with her about her reservations. “He remembered me and was concerned with how I was feeling,” she said. “He went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable and no longer afraid before he began.” That made all the difference for her, and the injections were provided on schedule.

A Successful Outcome

Fast forward a few weeks, and here was Carol arriving for her follow-up appointment – completely pain-free, as she happily remains to this day. Instilled with a new sense of freedom, she says she is so excited to get her life back. With optimism in her voice, she says, “I’m looking into getting back in the gym and learning how to strengthen my core and back to prevent future injuries.”

Carol is glad that she came to the Spine Health Institute, and said she would drive twice as far to receive treatment from the exceptional staff and medical team if she had to. “Everyone was friendly and they put me at ease,” she said. “Thank you for treating me like a person.”

The spine is our specialty, so give the Spine Health Institute a call at 407.303.5452 or book online if you or a loved one are experiencing back pain that has worsened over time, frequently recurs, or has persisted for two or more weeks in a row. You can also find out how to strengthen your spine and prevent spinal injuries like Carol’s by visiting our Back to Basics videos on our website.