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Edna’s Kyphoplasty Procedure

My mother, Edna, is 92 years old. She suffers from a slight case of dementia, but is physically very mobile and active.

When she fell and hurt her back, my wife and I were really upset. My mother wasn't communicating what had happened, but we knew she was in a lot of pain when she stopped being able to move around very easily and had to stay in bed. It ultimately turned out that she had broken her L1.

We happened to drive by the Spine Center at Altamonte soon after the accident. I looked it up online and liked what I saw, but wanted a second opinion. I consulted with a primary care doctor and heard only good things about Dr. Patel and his team. We took my mother in as soon as we could.

My mother was really comfortable with the people and atmosphere at the Spine Center and Dr. Patel made my wife and I as comfortable as possible when we ultimately decided to choose surgery. My mother was in so much pain that waiting to see if the injury healed itself was not an option. So Dr. Patel performed a kyphoplasty procedure and we waited eagerly for the results.

We didn't have to wait long at all. My mother only spent an hour in recovery and two days later was up and walking with no pain. We're all really grateful to Dr. Patel and the team at the Spine Center for taking such great care of my mother and giving her her life back.