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Felix's Story

Sitting for long periods of time day in and day out is not only bad for your heart and circulatory system – it can also do a painful number on your spine.Improper posture and consistently sitting in the same position causes the muscles around your spine to stiffen and pull, resulting in weak, sore muscles and pinched nerves. Like many people, Felix developed back and leg pain on the job, as he sat for 12-hour shifts while working at an oil refinery. He tried physical therapy and pain management injections, along with routine chiropractic treatments, but unfortunately, these only provided temporary relief. This went on for almost 12 years before he decided that he couldn’t take it anymore.

“I couldn’t lift heavy objects, and standing, running and bending were somewhat painful,” Felix said. “I found the Spine Health Institute on the internet and decided I should contact them for a consultation.” That’s how he met Dr. Chetan Patel, a leading spine surgeon who focuses on the least-invasive treatment options for back pain.

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After a few diagnostic tests, Dr. Patel was able to diagnose Felix with L4-5 stenosis. Upon reviewing Felix’s lack of progress with previous conservative treatment, Dr. Patel decided that surgery would be the best course of action.

In 2014, Dr. Patel performed a laminectomy procedure and recommended physical therapy to help Felix recover and get his strength and flexibility back. After completing his recovery treatments, Felix is finally able to go about his day without crippling pain for the first time in 12 years.

“After surgery, my life has changed tremendously,” Felix said. “I no longer have back or leg pain; I can walk upright, jog and lift most objects without pain. I am happy and more self-confident since my body is more flexible and mobile.”

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We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your spine flexible and strong, and Felix is living proof that spine health begins with YOU! He had nothing but good things to say about his experience with Dr. Patel and the entire team before, during and after his surgery. Felix told our staff that he plans on traveling now that he has more confidence and his back pain is no longer preventing him from doing so.

His message to anyone living with back pain: “I am grateful for the excellent care I received from the team at SHI, and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking treatment for pain.”


If you’ve been experiencing back pain, give our office a call at 407.303.5452 or click on the Book Online button at the top of this page. Dr. Chetan Patel strives to provide the least invasive treatments possible for a variety of back and neck conditions. For educational videos on common spine conditions and prevention tips, visit our SpineU video library.