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Isabel’s Physical Therapy

Welcoming a new addition to the family should be a joyous occasion filled with love, happiness, excitement -- and of course, a certain degree of stress. But when you suffer from chronic back pain, this happy chapter in your life can be somewhat more complicated. Your constant discomfort may force you to reduce the time you spend with family, and even keep you from being able to carry out certain everyday tasks, which is a distressing situation for a new parent.

Isabel knows this feeling all too well. She had frequent back pain before becoming pregnant, but after delivering her baby, her pain increased substantially. “It was an achy and burning pain,” Isabel said. “It limited my ability to perform regular work activities and kept me from being able to keep up with my baby.” She decided it was time to get help, and that’s when she found the Spine Health Institute.

Isabel met with Dr. Patel in January 2014, and after reviewing her medical history and multiple diagnostic tests, he diagnosed Isabel with general back pain. Luckily, Isabel’s condition was not considered severe and didn’t require surgery. Instead, Dr. Patel prescribed eight weeks of physical therapy with Dana, a therapist at the institute. Dana was able to help Isabel regain her mobility and decrease her pain substantially.

“Her exercises consisted of abdominal, back extensor and lower body strengthening along with some stretching to increase her strength and flexibility for her daily living activities,” Dana said. “Physical therapy is beneficial for people like Isabel not only because it can help decrease pain and improve function from a current condition, but it also plays a part in decreasing the likelihood of recurrence.” 

Isabel said that having full mobility and being pain-free is crucial with her newborn baby and that she has been taking proactive steps to keep her spine healthy. “I’ve been keeping up with my preventative exercises I was given at discharge and I’ve been practicing them daily,” she said.

She was pleasantly surprised by the institute’s patient-oriented treatment, a quality that she considers hard to find in many health care offices. “The physicians and therapists were focused on how I was feeling and cared about my progress throughout my treatment,” she said. “I could tell that the staff really enjoyed their jobs and the people they worked with. Every team member showed manners and truly cared for every patient that walked through the door.”

Isabel was very impressed by the professionalism and strong communication skills of those who participated in her care. She is thankful that she chose the Spine Health Institute during this stressful time in her life –and now that she has the tools to keep her spine safe, Isabel is ready to conquer motherhood head-on and pain-free.