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Mildred’s Story

It’s very important to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight to prevent back pain and injuries. Mildred was no stranger to this healthy lifestyle – she has always been an active person who loves the outdoors and enjoys pushing herself to try new things. But her adventurous way of life was put on hold when she fell off of her bike and injured her lower back, leaving her with tremendous pain and difficulty walking.

Mildred went to Florida Hospital Altamonte for testing and received a CT scan of her spine. Luckily for her, Dr. Chetan Patel, a world-renowned spine specialist and medical director of the Spine Health Institute in Altamonte Springs, was there to take a look at the results. He was able to consult with Mildred during her stay, but unfortunately, he only had bad news.

“Dr. Patel said that my CT scan showed an L1 compression fracture,” she said. “He told me that I could wear a back brace to help the fracture heal on its own, or I could have surgery to repair the vertebrae.”

Mildred was already having a difficult time walking with a walker, and the thought of having to continue along this path with the hope that her back would heal on its own wasn’t something she wanted to live with. When she opted for surgery instead, Dr. Patel performed an open reduction and internal fixation of L1 fracture and a T11-L3 spinal fusion in May of 2014.

“Ever since the surgery, I’m able to walk like a normal person,” Mildred said. “I came to my follow-up appointment without my walker, and I’m able to go to work every day now without pain.”

Today, no one believes Mildred when she tells them that she’s had spine surgery – she seems too normal and happy to have undergone such a serious operation. But Mildred just smiles and equates her surgical success to Dr. Patel.

“Dr. Patel is the best doctor in the whole world,” she said. “The service I received and the people at the Spine Health Institute are incredible! They are kind and courteous.”

Mildred’s family was equally impressed by the level of care she received both at Florida Hospital Altamonte and the Spine Health Institute (SHI). Her sister, who works as a medical director at a major laboratory testing company, said she plans on incorporating what she saw at SHI into her workplace to help improve employee performance and patient outcomes. 

Mildred extends her thanks to the entire team in Altamonte – she is enjoying her second chance at an active lifestyle!

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