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Ms. V’s Kyphoplasty Procedure

I have osteoporosis, but I have always been able to walk comfortably and get around on my own.  I do my errands and things around the house without a significant problem.

One day, I was in my garage and took a hard fall.  I didn’t want to move and further injure myself so I lay still and took stock of the situation.  Everything felt fine, so eventually I made a move to get up.  That is when I realized that I had hit my back on the cement floor of the garage and something was wrong.  I was taken to the hospital and admitted.  The pain was excruciating and when I found out my back was fractured and I had a herniated disk, I was sure that I would need a complicated surgery.

That’s when I was introduced to Dr. Patel.  I knew that broken backs were complicated things and expected not to fully understand the treatment that was chosen.  To my surprise and delight, Dr. Patel fully explained my condition and gave me the power to choose my treatment after presenting the options.  As it turned out, I did not need an overly complicated surgery.  Dr. Patel and I chose the least invasive surgery possible for my condition, a kyphoplasty procedure.

After surgery, Dr. Patel sent me to the Florida Hospital Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center.  Everyone was extremely upbeat and very helpful.  I trusted my trainers as fully as I trusted Dr. Patel and after a month of rehab I no longer felt the pain of my injury.  The kyphoplasty procedure corrected the fracture in my spine and rehab took away the pain from my herniated disk.  I was back to myself again!

My follow-up with Dr. Patel was ideal.  He reaffirmed my own impression by letting me know that my back had healed.  Now I walk on my own, do my errands, and take care of things around the house just like I used to before the accident.  I am so grateful for the kindness shown by Dr. Patel and the excellent team at the Florida Hospital Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center while they restored me to my pre-injury state.  I met some really wonderful people on this journey and I will never forget them.