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Sheri’s Story

Sheri had her fair share of medical procedures to try and relieve her chronic arm pain, including two previous rotator cuff surgeries. But when the numbness and burning in her arm continued to affect her daily life, she knew that she had to look elsewhere for a solution. She came to the Spine Health Institute for an appointment with Dr. Brian Jager, a pain management specialist – and that was the beginning of her path toward greater health.

Due to Sheri’s past surgeries and undiagnosed condition, Dr. Jager knew that pain management injections likely wouldn’t provide the relief she needed. He immediately referred her to Dr. Chetan Patel, a world-renowned spine specialist who founded the Institute and serves as its medical director.

Upon thoroughly reviewing Sheri’s medical history and test results, Dr. Patel diagnosed her with cervical stenosis, right cervical radiculopathy caused by a pinched nerve and C5-6 myelomalacia - a softening of the spinal cord in the upper spine that is usually due to trauma associated with a significant fall or sports injury. Dr. Patel performed a C5-7 discectomy and fusion procedure in August of 2015, and Sheri finally began to feel like herself again.

“Dr. Patel is an awesome guy,” Sheri said. “I would recommend him to anyone.”

Unfortunately, a turn of events was in store for Sheri. Just as she was healing and starting to get back to her usual activities, she suffered a painful fall that cracked a vertebra and delayed her recovery. Falls are a leading cause of spinal injury in seniors, and they should never be taken lightly, especially if persistent pain develops shortly after. Luckily, Dr. Patel was able to help prevent further damage to Sheri’s spine and get her healing process back on track.

“My fingers are somewhat numb and lifting is difficult, but Dr. Patel has worked with me every step of the way during my recovery from my fall,” Sheri said. “I’m finally starting to heal and will hopefully be able to start working out again soon.”

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Sheri realizes that her health is a work in progress, but she also feels that there’s nothing she can’t do with the help of Dr. Patel and his team at the Spine Health Institute.

“Everybody who works there is wonderful, even when I was in pain management - Dr. Jager was great,” Sheri said. “They are much better than other doctors I’ve been to.”

As she continues on her journey toward healing and recovery, Sheri is determined to take the tools she was given at SHI and incorporate them into her daily life. She extends her gratitude to the team who has been there every step of the way.

“Thanks for the wonderful job and thanks for being friendly,” she said. “The team makes you feel like family. Everyone is treated well at every stage of their treatment.”

If you’ve been experiencing back pain, give our office a call at 407.303.5452 or click on the Book Online button at the top of this page. Dr. Chetan Patel strives to provide the least invasive treatments possible for a variety of back and neck conditions. For educational videos on common spine conditions and prevention tips, visit our SpineU video library.