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A Holistic Approach to Spinal Healing

Experience the compassion and care delivered by Dr. Chetan Patel and his team at The Spine Health Institute through the patient testimonials listed below. If you’d like to tell of your experiences with us, please share your story.

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Non-Surgical Treatment Testimonials

Gary’s Pain Management Treatment

Passion, dedication and great technique are all noticeable qualities of an avid golf enthusiast – and Gary was no exception. He spent hours on the greens, perfecting his game and letting off some steam. But when his back pain became so severe that it kept him from being able to swing, bend and walk, he knew he had to get help from a specialist.

Isabel’s Physical Therapy

Welcoming a new addition to the family should be a joyous occasion filled with love, happiness, excitement -- and of course, a certain degree of stress. But when you suffer from chronic back pain, this happy chapter in your life can be somewhat more complicated. Your constant discomfort may force you to reduce the time you spend with family, and even keep you from being able to carry out certain everyday tasks, which is a distressing situation for a new parent.

Martha’s Fusion and Laminectomy

Sitting, standing and walking are three of the most common movements humans perform every day. But what if these necessary actions were impossible to undertake without tremendous pain?  This was the dilemma Martha faced for a number of years. The constant ache in her lower back bothered her so much that she could no longer go the gym or sit down to read a book.

Ray’s Laminectomy

As a paratrooper in the military, Ray was accustomed to pushing his body to the limit. He spent years parachuting from airplanes and landing on his feet on rough terrain, both in training and in real battle zones. But after retiring from the military, he developed severe back pain due to the constant compression his back endured from years of hard landings.  He saw numerous doctors about his pain, and the result was always the same – more prescriptions for muscle relaxers and pain killers.

Betty’s Pain Management Therapy

After living with aches and pains for 15 years due to arthritis and ruptured discs, Betty Sutton knew something needed to change when she was unable to enjoy walking around Dillard’s, her favorite store at the Altamonte Mall. Her everyday back pain was interfering with her life to an unacceptable degree. With the aim of taking control of her health, she began searching for a spine specialist who might be able to help.

Gilbert's Radiofrequency Rhizotomy

Gilbert was living a fast-paced life among the skyline buildings in New York City. His job as a bus driver took him all around the city that never sleeps, as well as all over the bumpy New York streets. Gilbert was accustomed to the rough pot holes and hard turns that would frequently jerk his bus around, but one day in December of 2010, a large bump sent him straight to the hospital.

Janice's Surgery and Rehabilitation

Most people can pinpoint the exact moment when they injured their back: “It happened on the golf course,” “while lifting some heavy equipment,” or “when I was in a car accident.” But sometimes a spinal injury is spontaneous and the reason is unclear. This was the case for Janice, whose back pain started out of the blue without an apparent cause. And that was just the beginning.

Kevin's Lumbar Laminectomy

As anyone whose job involves physical labor knows, constant bending, twisting and straining is a recipe for injury, and even the most careful workers can get seriously hurt in the process. That’s exactly what happened to Kevin Bullock, a roofer who was cleaning a job site and severely twisted his back. One minute, he was healthy and strong, and the next, he was plunged into a world of pain and discomfort for which he was forced to seek medical help.

Donald’s Spine Surgery

In early 2013, Donald began experiencing lower back pain which continued into his right leg, forcing him to walk bent over to avoid the pain or use a wheelchair. After an examination, Donald’s chiropractor recommended that he visit Dr. Chetan Patel at the Spine Health Institute in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Jim's Story

When Jim’s 92 year old mother fell and hurt her back, Jim consulted with the family’s primary care physician. He recommended The Spine Health Institute in Altamonte Springs, FL. After a consultation and diagnosis, Dr. Patel performed a Kyphoplasty procedure on Jim’s mother. After only an hour in recovery, Jim’s mother was able to return home and just two days later she was up and walking with no pain. Watch Jim’s Story.